The Computer Science and Engineering Society aims at disseminating awareness among the students about various technological advancements in the field of Computer Science by organising several technical activities such as guest lectures, workshops, quizzes and excursions. CSES endeavours to foster relationship between the alumni and current students and faculty and holds numerous events such as Annual Day Celebration (UDBHAV), Farewell and Confluence (the annual Alumni get-together) to fortify the bonds.


The Society organises coding competitions like Code Marathon, CodeRush and recreation activities like QuizWiz, Farewell, Freshers and Annual Day to motivate the students of the CSE Department. The Society aims to conduct more events in the years to come and to help the students, alumni and faculty to embrace knowledge. You can know more about the events from the Events page.

President's Desk

" The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad was founded with the sole purpose of imparting thorough knowledge to the students, so that they could compete on an even keel with the best in the country. With the creative endeavors of the students showing no signs of slowing down, the CSE Society came to existence to ensure that the students could hone their talents in a more productive and coherent manner. It is heartening that, armed with an expanding list of activities like guest lectures, quizzes, workshops and excursions, and events like Udbhav (Annual Day), Confluence (Alumni get together) and Farewell, the CSES is continuously providing a holistic environment for technical growth as well as development of student alumni relations.

Initiatives like CodeISM, where pre final year and final year students teach juniors about the essentials of competitive coding; BufferedReader, the departmental magazine, which keeps the literary flame burning brightly in the department; SpeakUp, a platform for improving soft skills of students; and SARC, the all-important student alumni relationship cell, are make the society indispensable to the students.

My sincere thanks to all my faculty colleagues, students and generous alumni who have contributed significantly to the growth and amelioration of this society. It is indeed encouraging how consistently the society continues to develop, undeterred by obstacles, however substantial they may be.

I appreciate honest feedback on the working of the society so that we can continue our progress for years to come. "