More than becoming a member...

Join the family of Awesome people, growing together, sharing knowledge, wisdom and moments of happiness. We move with the motive to promote Computer Science and Engineering and spread awareness among the students about it.

Who can join?

Membership of the CSES shall be open to every alumni, faculty member, officer and staff member (whether academic or non-academic), every UG student, PG student (M. Tech.) and research scholar of the CSE, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. Any such eligible person shall have to pay the subscription fees.

About Membership

There is no great joy than uniting with the friends, guides and acquaintances, a sense of gratitude and goodwill. Getting this membership will offer enrichment on a multitude of levels, and amplifies one's impact and connection to the alma mater.

Where do my dues go?

Membership Dues in the society goes as funds to CSE Society, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. Funds are used at various levels to organize cultural events, educational events and get together for alumni, faculty member, staff and students. Provinding guddies to the members of the society,in the printing of bi annual magazine BufferedReader and organizing frshers,farewell.

Why Join

ISM Pride

IIT (ISM) is an engine for real-time accomplishment that enriches our community, our nation and our world. A CSE Society membership keeps you connected to IIT (ISM) as it shapes the future.


Stay connected to CSE Society where you live or through one of our academic, professional, affinity or diversity networks.


Your membership investment not only connects you with alumni, but also supports rewarding volunteer opportunities that provide alumni expertise to IIT (ISM) CSE students.

Membership Levels

Annual Members

You might be a graduate or certificate holder, but you still have the benefits of a student. As an automatic member, you get access to IIT (ISM) CSE Recreation, IIT (ISM) CSE Library and the Alumni Webportal. Because we believe as a CSE Alumni, you’ve earned it and you can be the part by annual membership charge of Rs. 1000.

Lifetime Members

We want to thank existing Life Members for their previous contribution and ongoing dedication. Your support has been a pillar of our Society and earns you a special place in the membership program.
Unlike Annual Membership, you reap benefits for life, without any additional costs to maintain your status. And any annual member can become a Lifetime member by just making a one time payment of Rs 10000.

Join Us Now

To become a member you have to pay, as per the required Membership Plan, to the Bank A/c of the Society given below. :-

Account Name - CSES
Bank Name - SBI, ISM Campus
IFSC Code - SBIN0001641
Account Number – 31998483195

After the Payment you just have to mail us your details like Your Name, Batch, Admission Number, Current Address, Contact Number and the receipt of the payment made to [email protected]. We will Contact you soon regarding the membership confirmation and welcoming you to the family.