Speak Up

SpeakUp is a unique initiative undertaken by the Department. The companies that visited IIT (ISM) during the recruitment season of the academic session 2015-16 appreciated the exceptionally sound academic records and technical skills, but at the same time admitted the fact that there was a need for the students to work upon their soft skills. As a direct consequence, SpeakUp came into existence.

With its three hour long weekly sessions conducted every Friday, the vision of SpeakUp is to prepare the Departmental students for their upcoming interviews and group discussion rounds that they would have to face during their internship recruitment procedure. The session is currently conducted by a small group of final and pre-final year students for the freshmen and sophomores. From extensively vivid extempore, to group discussion practice rounds. From English grammar session, to mock interviews - SpeakUp tends to cover it all. With its constant speech and confidence enhancement efforts that certainly seem promising, SpeakUp aspires to play a noteworthy role in the overall development of a students' personality, and to improve the Department's recruitment statistics in the time to come.


Group Discussion

Group discussion is a new trend that has come up in order to evaluate student personality. A group of participants are made to discuss on a topic or subject for a limited time and then assessed accordingly. It is a chance for you to be more vocal.

Personal Interviews

Personal interviews are an excellent research method when there are highly knowledgeable individuals whose expertise is needed for the understanding of an issue.

Resume Writing

Nobody can ever underestimate how important it is to have a good resume. First impressions count, and the first impression that a potential employer will have of you, is going to depend on how you present your resume.


Extempore is an impromptu speech that is delivered with little or no preparation. As an extempore is spontaneous, it requires great effort to deliver it successfully. The most important aspect of extempore is that it helps in the enhancement of communication skills.

Team Members

Parichaya Walia

Rishabh Mehta

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